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Фото дизайна интерьера гостиной дома, Альтеза.

Project of construction and interior design – create a dream house!

     Every person wants to live in comfort and coziness. But for all people these concepts include different components. To understand your preferences and understand what the dream looks like in reality, it is necessary to compile a professional detailed design project of the housing space. This is done competently and at a decent level by specialists of Alteza.

Design-projects of apartments and private houses

     In Poltava, new multi-storey and private houses are being built daily, the internal premises of which require high-quality finishing. Before starting to repair or build projects are created. With their help, various interior solutions are implemented.

     Design projects are created for different premises. Alteza company is engaged in the development and implementation of exclusive solutions in different places of residence in Poltava and beyond.

Apartments in new and old high-rise buildings

Design apartments, which are carried out a repair of various types, ranging from cosmetic to full – “turnkey”.

Construction of private houses in Poltava and country cottages

Development of projects of different areas: baths, a small cottage and a two-three-story cottage.

Interior and exterior decoration of houses on the ground

All the nuances of the facade and interior decoration of the rooms are taken into account.

Apartment design after renovation

     Before you start the work on finishing and renovating the apartment rooms, you need to understand what you would like to see in the end. It can be a small interior update or a global rebuild. Based on the decision taken, the option of restructuring the internal living quarters is chosen. There are several types of repair:

     1)     cosmetic;

     2)     capital;

     3)     “Full construction”.

     The renovation of “turn-key” apartments purchased in new buildings allows you to immediately enter a new dwelling and begin life with everything you need, “from a new sheet”.

     The least time is occupied by the project and repair of a small one-room apartment, which, as a rule, consists of 4 to 5 rooms:

  • combined bathroom (sometimes – separate);

  • corridor;

  • kitchen;

  • room.

     Living rooms with a larger area require close attention and longer implementation of the plan.

The project of erecting a private house and a cottage in Poltava and outside the city

     Building a house on the ground is a multi-stage event. All work begins with the development of the design of the facade of the cottage and the rooms inside it. Thoroughly think through and discuss with the customer all the nuances.

     The company Alteza offers options for the construction of small buildings such as a bath or summer cottage, as well as a cottage with a height of several floors. When ordering a private house design project from us, you can be sure that the dream will turn into reality.

     We monitor the compliance with the deadlines for the execution of any work. If we do not keep up with the time, you get a discount. Order the design of an apartment or a house in Poltava at the numbers indicated on the top of the site.


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