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All houses eventually lose the beauty of appearance and thermal insulation properties. To bring the building into proper shape, it is necessary to use the services of industrial climbers. Alteza's professionals have many years of experience and everything necessary to carry out this kind of work.

Alteza - a professional in the field of industrial mountaineering

Industrial climbers are specialists working at a height where it is impossible to reach from the ground and the ordinary ladder. Most often, experts are engaged in warming and repairing houses and apartments. You can see examples of mountaineering works by clicking the video button on our website.

    The methods of industrial mountaineering are widely used at altitude where work can not be performed in the usual ways. Are applied in such kinds, as:

1)      warming of houses with the help of hermetic sealing of seams;

2)      repair, cleaning and cleaning the facades of the building;

3)      washing windows, glazed balconies and loggias;

4)      installation of advertising structures and banners at the required height;

5)      participation in the construction of houses, shops, office buildings and so on.

Warming and repair of houses and apartments - maintenance of different rooms

Alteza specializes in various types of work in residential high-rise buildings and high-rise buildings of various types: industrial, production, administrative, commercial, entertainment and many others.

Even under the condition of sufficient heating in winter, internal temperatures often cause a drop in temperature due to depressurization of inter-panel joints. Mountaineers produce insulation of houses, sealing holes with a special compound that retains functions for many years. In the same way, the exterior walls of houses and shops are reconstructed and renovated.

Properly drafting a house is not an easy task, feasible only for the company's specialists. This is the beginning of the construction of the building. Also, the company specializes in the design of houses, design of premises and buildings in any style chosen by the customer.

Warming and repair of apartments - order in Poltava

Specialists of the company are engaged in all kinds of works on the repair of apartments, starting with the design of the type of living rooms and kitchen, ending with a bathroom and toilet. After drawing up the design of the apartment, the employees of the company pass to the carrying out of repair work.

Metalloplastikovye windows with the years wear out: crevices are formed in places of installation.

Restore the sealing from the outside of the windows can only be using the services of industrial climbers.

Construction of houses and apartments. Comfort from the masters

Construction of houses is a work that requires the participation of many specialists, including those working at height. When building various types of structures, Alteza uses methods of industrial mountaineering. Accurate sealing of seams and cracks in places of installation of metal-plastic windows is an important element of the completed construction. In addition, if necessary, with the help of climbers, you can add exclusive elements to the facade, which gives a special highlight to the buildings erected.

The advantages of cooperation with«Alteza»

From the professionalism, experience and availability of equipment the outcome of the planned event directly depends.

Features of cooperation with Alteza:

  • experience - more than 12 years;
  • modern special machinery and equipment;
  • qualified specialists;
  • use of the latest generation technologies;
  • use of certified materials;
  • work on the result, quality assurance.

     All kinds of work are carried out in strictly stipulated terms.

Industrial mountaineering in a modern high-rise city is a necessary job, without which repairs, warming and cleaning of building facades are not bypassed. Specialists of our company will make the house warm and beautiful at favorable prices. Call the specified phone numbers, and our managers will consult on all issues of interest.

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