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Photo of employees of the construction company Alteza.

Building The company “Alteza”

     The company “Alteza” started its activity in 2005. During this time we have formed a team of qualified specialists. We provide a whole range of construction services in Poltava. The main activities of the company are insulation and construction. The work is carried out by teams of professional industrial climbers and builders. The directions of the services provided can be divided into two groups:

     1)     work performed at any height by high-altitude specialists;
     2)     repair of apartments and construction of houses and cottages.

     Separately, the installation of metal-plastic windows in high-rise buildings and the private sector is highlighted. We not only qualitatively put the construction of PVC, but also correct the shortcomings, formed due to improper actions of unqualified personnel of negligent firms. With the help of industrial climbers, we fill the gap between the frame and the opening.

Work carried out by the method of industrial mountaineering

     The application of industrial climbing methods allows the following types of work at different heights:

    • insulation of houses and apartments;

    • sealing inter-panel joints;

    • installation of advertising structures and banners.

     All works are carried out promptly, in strict terms agreed with the customer. Warming and sealing is carried out with the use of high-quality materials and modern technologies.

Construction and repair in Poltava

     The Alteza company also specializes in repair, construction and improvement of the adjacent territory of any complexity level. The main types of our activities in this area in Poltava are:

    • Drawing up of design projects for repair of apartments, houses and external landscape;

    • repair of shops, apartments and private houses;

    • Construction of country cottages, bathhouses and country houses;

    • Landscaping.

     After carrying out all types of work, we remove and remove construction debris. Specialists of the company make repairs of apartments and construction of houses on a turn-key basis. We are for an integrated approach. All stages of construction starting from the foundation and finishing with internal repair and exterior painting are made without involving third-party companies, on their own.

     The cost of services is agreed in advance, before signing the contract. Payment is made in two stages: first and after the work is carried out in equal parts. Guarantee for all types of insulation and construction – 3 years.


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