Clients of the company


Бреві – a company engaged in the sale of a variety of overalls, namely: suits, overalls, bathrobes, jackets, etc. You can buy any warmth or clothes without warming to your liking.

Белая Бяроза

ТМ «Белая Бяроза» – Ice Cream Producer, Produced in a Renovated Homemade Recipe with A True Classical Taste. TM "Belaya Biaroza" produces products according to all requirements of GOSTs and DSTU only from natural products.

Мебель MAX

Furniture design studio «Меблі-Макс» manufactures furniture for your taste and color and is ready to offer alternative solutions that will help make any furniture even more practical.

Українська Універсальна Біржа

Українська Універсальна Біржа – an organization providing brokerage services, organizing and conducting exchange auctions and tenders, expert evaluation and support of all transactions.


Завод «Ампер»

Plant «Ампер» is engaged in the production of electrical equipment: switchgears, low-voltage equipment, etc.

Золотий слон

«Золотий слон» – a service center specializing in all types of repair and maintenance of any computer equipment: personal computers and their components, as well as laptops, smartphones, tablets, scanners, printers, multifunction devices, monitors, keyboards, mice and other comp computer peripherals.

Комп’ютерний дім «Персонал»

The computer house "Персонал" is today one of the leaders of the Poltava region among enterprises specializing in the sale and service of high-quality computer and office equipment.

Sky Land

Sky Land – family-entertainment complex in the city of Poltava in the open air. The convenient arrangement of the territory and attractions for children of all ages create great conditions for active recreation of children.

Де Люкс системи

«Де Люкс Системи» – a company engaged in the design, installation, commissioning and commissioning of ventilation systems of any complexity for various objects; deals with the sale and installation of any air conditioner systems.


«МНПП КЛІМАТ» – Sales, installation, maintenance and repair of air conditioners and climate equipment of such brands as Vents, Systemair, Cooper & amp; Hunter, GREE, Midea, LG, HITACHI, Toshiba, Panasonic, DAIKIN, etc.


MDV – a company engaged in civil and industrial construction throughout Ukraine. Houses like cottages, granaries, elevators.


The «Столит» Group of Companies ™ combines a number of large national and foreign manufacturers of quality materials and accessories for heat-sound insulation of buildings, manufacturers of plastics and polymers, dry building mixtures, and a branched distribution network.



Limited Liability Company "Техпроект" specializes in the design of: objects of the fuel and energy complex; gas refineries, refineries; main gas pipelines and objects of industrial and civil purpose.

Компанія Рост Електромонтаж

Компанія Рост Електромонтаж – manufactures and supplies low voltage electric equipment, which includes cable-distributing devices, switchboards, accounting boards, automation, control equipment, low-voltage complete devices and devices AVR.