Photo of skyscrapers, warming the facade of the house on an iron frame, Alteza.



Construction services – high quality and reasonable prices

     Alteza specializes in house warming, installation of metal-plastic windows, as well as repair and construction works. You can order a full range of services in one place, from project preparation to turnkey repairs and landscaping.


Design development

Drafting exclusive projects for apartments, offices and private houses.

Capital construction of country cottages

The erection of the building in its entirety from the foundation to the roof.

Repair of any complexity, including “turn-key”

Such types of work are carried out in various residential and office buildings, as well as in stores from inside and outside.

Sealing inter-panel seams

This procedure significantly reduces heat loss and raises the temperature inside the apartment in winter.

Warming of apartments and houses

Works provide comfortable living at any time of year and a presentable appearance; They are carried out using dense foam plastic outside the walls in an apartment or house.

Installation of plastic windows

The use of modern structures and technologies guarantees long-term operation.

Drawing up and implementation of landscape design

Creating around the house gardening and landscaping adjacent land.

Installation works, including those carried out at height

Installation of advertising structures and banners on the facade of the building.

     The cost for each type of service is calculated based on the amount of work and materials used. Warming of the outer walls of the house is carried out in two forms:

  • minimal – sealing inter-panel joints;
  • maximum – gluing and fixing outside the dense foam type, followed by puttying and painting the facade of the house.

     The construction of private houses, cottages, bathhouses and dachas is carried out both within Poltava and outside the city. Employees of the company erect buildings of various sizes and storeys. It all depends on the wishes and fantasies of the customer.

Advantages of the order in Alteza

     The company “Alteza” has been operating in Poltava for more than 12 years. Our specialists are engaged in the development and implementation of exclusive design for each customer individually.

     All materials used in the work pass mandatory certification. We are for strict observance of safety precautions, therefore all the special equipment undergoes technical inspections on time. This ensures that all construction services are carried out in a timely manner, without delays.

     We are engaged in the construction, repair and insulation of apartments and houses in Poltava at a professional level. Examples of works can be viewed in the “photo” and “video” tabs. Also presented are feedback from our customers.

     To find out the price for repairing or warming a one-room apartment, as well as other types of work for different buildings, you can click on the callback button in the upper right corner of the site.