Cottages construction

Фото строительства загородного коттеджа, Альтеза.


Construction of cottages in Poltava – from project to settlement

     Many people living in multi-storey houses, over time, start to think about their own cottage: a place where there is no urban bustle, and there is your own yard, garden and garden. In our century of endless struggle with neighbors and housing and communal services, our dwelling is an excellent option for living. It is quite difficult to build a house on your own, you need to have a lot of time and specific knowledge, so you need to contact specialists. Alteza Company has been engaged in construction since 2005.

Construction of houses – a prospect for solitude

     In the construction of new houses, several construction brigades and specialists from different directions participate. An integrated approach is important here. Some employees design the future building, others are engaged in erection, others – internal communications. Also there are workers who carry out interior decoration from inside and outside. After all the major work on the construction there is a lot of garbage, which must be taken out. This is also a separate activity.

     All private houses are located on the sites of different areas. Even the most beautiful modern cottage, located in a neglected area, will look very unattractive. Therefore, most people except construction are thinking about the improvement of the adjacent site.

Stages of work on the construction of houses and cottages

     Building a house is a work that includes several successive stages:

     1)     dismantling of old buildings on the site;

     2)     creation of design;

     3)     drawing up project documents;

     4)     selection of materials for construction;

     5)     Mounting of engineering structures;

     6)     construction from foundation to roof;

     7)     installation of plastic windows;

     8)     connection of gas, water and sewage equipment to common networks;

     9)     internal and external decoration of the building;

     10)   cleaning and removal of construction debris;

     11)   landscaping (if desired).

The erection of country houses, cottages, villas and bathhouses of various designs is our job, with which we are doing very well!

Construction of houses and cottages in Poltava with the company Alteza

     Building your own home in Poltava and the region is a difficult task, but feasible. By entrusting the work to high-level specialists, you get exactly the result, which was originally thought about.

     The company Alteza is engaged in all types of work on the construction of a cottage, a house, a summer house and a turn-key bath starting from the design project and finishing with the improvement of the adjacent territory. The prices for services correspond to the quality of execution.

     If you want to have a cozy, warm house that will last for many years, please contact us at the numbers indicated on the top. To you the assessment wizard will leave free of charge and will give necessary recommendations and consultations.


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