Heat insulation of apartment

Photo of the insulation of the facade of the apartment outside in a multi-storey building, Alteza.


     In the winter, the apartments are cool. People often sin on poor heating or frosty weather. And the solution to the problem is often found in the crevices formed in the inter-panel seams and the plastic windows, through which the cold penetrates into the room. To correct this situation and for many years to ensure the safety of heat in the rooms is a task successfully handled by Alteza.

Warming apartments – the main method of creating comfort

     Modern houses are being built quickly. Developers often save on materials, so after a while holes are formed through which a cold wind blows the heat from the apartment. High-rise buildings built in the last century, have long needed to insulate the facades, since even the most wear-resistant building materials lose their original properties over time.

     It is impossible to restore the insulation of the apartment yourself. This is done by professionals who have the knowledge, experience and necessary equipment for conducting insulation work. In addition, access is required, since specialists are working at height.

Sequence of work on insulation of the apartment

     In order to ensure that the effect of thermal insulation lasted 30 years or more, only sealing the inter-panel joints is not enough. It is necessary to insulate all the walls of the apartment from the outside.

     At first, a specialist arrives to the customer, assessing the front and cost of the forthcoming works. After that, in a strictly stipulated time, high-rise installers come and perform the insulation of the apartment in the following sequence:

     1)     cleaning of the facade;

     2)     sealing of all cracks;

     3)     sticker and fastening of dense foam;

     4)     outside the heater is fixed with reinforcing mesh and a thick layer of glue;

     5)     walls shpaklyuyutsya;

     6)     the final procedure – painting.

     For a full cycle of work takes no more than 4 working days.

The advantages of warming the apartment in Poltava by specialists of Alteza

     Alteza values ​​its reputation, therefore it treats all its activities with all responsibility. Our main advantages:

  • use of high-quality materials:
  • long-term work experience of employees;
  • constant training and attestation of personnel;
  • modern equipment;
  • acceptable prices;
  • guarantee for all types of work – 3 years.

Customer Benefits


Outer paint for many years retains its color due to high resistance to weather phenomena.


Stiff foam keeps the heat well and prevents the appearance of dampness, mold and fungus inside the apartment.


No need for additional heating sources.


Constant favorable temperature all year round.

Fast cost recovery

The expenses pay off in 2 heating seasons.


30 years of preservation of thermal insulation properties.

     Call us on the specified phones, and we will arrive at any time convenient for you. We work in all areas of Poltava.



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