Heat insulation of houses

Фото утепления фасада дома снаружи, Альтеза.

All private houses and cottages with time lose thermal insulation properties. In order to have a comfortable temperature inside the building, it is necessary to conduct insulation measures. Alteza has many years of experience and the necessary materials and equipment for the work on insulation houses, cottages and other residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Thermal insulation of the house is the basis of a favorable microclimate

     Thermal insulation of the house is a whole complex of measures aimed at maximum efficiency of keeping heat in the interior. After carrying out the necessary work, the expenses for heat energy are significantly reduced.

     In the procedures for insulation, not only houses built many years ago, but also recently built of inexpensive materials, letting the cold inside in need, are needed. Wanting to save, many acquire housing, not thinking about how they will feel in it on long winter nights and days. Without warming the house for this oversight you have to pay your own health and lack of comfort.

     Work on the creation of insulating layers adjacent to the walls is important to entrust qualified professionals with many years of experience. Since the budget option and here can play a “cruel joke”.Firms that offer prices for services below the market, save on materials. Due to the fact that poor quality heaters, fasteners and paint are used in this work, after a couple of years everything returns again.

     Alteza company takes its reputation and clients seriously, that’s why it performs all kinds of works “on conscience” and only with the use of materials of the necessary thickness, which serve for many years.

Sequence of house insulation

     1)     Preparatory activities are carried out.

     2)     All walls are cleaned and primed.

     3)     Apply a warming layer of foam, which is fixed by reinforcing and covering the joints.

     4)     The final stage-after the plaster is applied to the walls, the facade of the house is painted.

     After all the works, the dwelling looks new and modern. Cottages that have been insulated in Poltava, look presentable and stand out against the general background.

Benefits obtained by warming the house by Alteza

     Warming your homes in Poltava, you get the following benefits:

  • reduction of heat loss inside the living quarters by 60%;
  • comfortable living not only in winter, but also in summer, when the house is kept cool;
  • a significant reduction in heating costs to 40%;
  • improvement of soundproofing properties of the structure;
  • prevent the occurrence of wall mold and fungus;
  • the cost of heat insulation pays for two years.

     Before you start warming your house, you need to calculate the full cost. For this to you the master who will make gaugings, will calculate necessary quantity of a material and volume of works. Also, the expert will explain – what material is better to use.

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