Metal-plastic windows

Фото установки металлопластиковых окон в многоэтажном доме, Альтеза-1.

Plastic windows – buy cheap and high-quality

     Modern houses are difficult to imagine without metal-plastic windows. They replaced a wooden for good reason, since they have a number of advantages. Installation of PVC windows takes a little time, but in spite of this it is not necessary to conduct these procedures on your own, as many mistakes can be made without knowing certain subtleties. Entrust this work to professionals! The company Alteza will install the metal-plastic windows quickly and efficiently.

Metal-plastic windows in Poltava: reasonable prices

     The service life of plastic windows is much higher than wooden analogs. In addition, they protect the apartment from street noise and dust. Therefore, the popularity of PVC products is steadily growing every year. Proper installation of the metal-plastic construction will keep the heat inside the room. There are many models of different models. Among them, the quality of products are distinguished by such firms as Rehau (Rehau) and Veko (Veko).


Metal-plastic windows are installed not only in apartment buildings, but also in the private sector, as well as in office buildings. The process goes through certain stages.

The order of installation of PVC windows

     When installing metal-plastic structures, it is important to follow the procedure.


Preliminary preparation of the premises for work.

Since the installation process brings a lot of dirt and dust, you need to remove all things and close the furniture with a film.


Dismantling obsolete windows.

The old design is completely understood up to the opening.


Preparation of PVC construction for installation.

Drawing of markings and fixing of fastening elements on a frame.


Work with aperture.

At the fixing points, grooves are drilled


Installation and fastening of the window structure

All works are carried out, strictly observing the level.


Adjusting fittings

The opening / closing handles are checked and adjusted in different variations.


Sealing the space between the opening and the window frame

The mounting foam is used.

Buy and install plastic windows in Poltava

     Buy and install PVC windows only with time-tested firms. In Poltava, such a company is Alteza. Advantages of the order with us:

  • work experience since 2005;
  • competent specialists;
  • use of modern materials and technologies;
  • the warranty for the installation of the window is 3 years.

     To order the installation of a metal-plastic window in Poltava, dial one of the displayed numbers: +38 (096) 404-06-06, +38 (050) 404-06-06, +38 (050) 404-06-76.

     Do not trust firms, one-day, promising to do a penny for a job! So not only money is wasted, but precious time for the search and work of real professionals to correct the mistakes of negligent installers.