Seam sealing

Photo of the thermal insulation of the facade of the house from the outside with the help of sealing the inter-panel joints, Alteza-1.


Sealing joints – an important technological process of construction

     In winter, late autumn and early spring, inside the apartments and houses, there is often a coolness even with sufficient heating of the premises. As a rule, the holes formed in the inter-panel seams serve as a rule. Sealing helps to keep heat and significantly reduces the cost of additional sources of heating. The Alteza company specializes in high-altitude works of any level of complexity.

Sealing the inter-panel joints at home – to save heat

     Many people do not understand why, despite the hot batteries in the rooms, it’s cold even in the worst frosts. There can be several reasons: from improperly installed metal-plastic windows, to the depressurization of joints. Over time, panel houses lose thermal insulation properties due to the formation of cracks in the joints.

Timely seam sealing not only saves money, but also keeps heat, prevents the appearance of dampness and mold in the apartment, and also lengthens the life of the house!

     Properly performed work on the sealing of holes, will increase the temperature inside the premises. At the same time, the money saved for additional heating of rooms is considerably saved. It’s no secret that many people, feeling cold in the apartments, light gas burners and ovens, and also spend a lot of hot water to get a little warm. In addition, one or more electric heaters are often bought. Overrun of gas, water and electricity is a big waste.

     Carrying out measures to seal joints will provide the apartment with the necessary temperature for comfortable living inside the apartment for many years.

Types of sealing inter-panel seams

     Such types of work are carried out in old apartment buildings and in new buildings. There are two types of docking.


The treatment of inter-panel joints is carried out in new houses that have not yet been commissioned.


It is carried out in residential multi-storey houses, where there is a partial depressurization.

     For the first time the process takes place in several stages. In the following, new layers are superimposed on old sealants. If the holes are large diameter, then use additional insulation.

Sealing of inter-panel seams by Alteza specialists

     We use only high-quality sealants in our work. Our experts annually raise the level of classification. The company takes into account all the novelties that appear on the construction market, in connection with which it uses only proven and at the same time modern technologies and materials.

     To order the sealing of seams in Poltava, you can contact our consultants on these phones.

Seam sealing